Monday, December 7, 2009

Submitted from Allen Showers

Here is the Conv. Pete I drove in 1975, Picked it up new at Wi. Pete. Also the Cab over I drove in 1977.

Also the 1981 359 and load of beer I rolled south of New Hampton Ia. In 1989

I asked Allen if he kept up with the black Trans-Am he was chasing the day this happened...this is what he said.
"No! The Bandit got away and I hit bump in the curve from the culvert, here a loud pop noise as the trailer broke and crumpled down over the drive wheels. Tipped the tractor over on the left side, then slid and the rims gouged the pavement and tipped back up on the wheels. What a ride!!!!! If you look close you can see the 6’ by 8’ trailer plate and kingpin are still on the tractor."
Thank you Allen for the photos!!! Shirts headed your way!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

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Submitted from Jason Gayken

Jason's son Lane jokey shifting on a friday night
Lane and Ike Rollin hard