Friday, October 15, 2010

The directions were simple.

Cross the Mississippi on HWY 34 get off on the first exit. Go to bottom of the hill. Do not follow the road as it curves to the left. Turn right ...follow the trail...we will be there waiting for you. I take the right turn and stop. I call the guy back. He assures me Im on the right path.

This road just kept going and going...several turns and switch backs. It would be a killer ride on a motorcycle...but in a 280"wheelbase Kenworth pulling a trailer thats like 3" off the ground...not so much.

more turns...many more than I took photos of...decending at a pretty good grade as well.

I stop and call him again...He re assures me that I am almost there.

Man I was glad to see he was right...I thought for sure it was gonna be banjo's and moonshine!!! I was delivering a couple drill bits that will be used to punch the holes for the footings on the new rail road bridge to go over the mighty Mississippi. Not a great shot of them, but I can post some closeups if anyone cares to see them.

This hero ended up doing the classic rookie u turn after getting yanked out

I was glad to get out of there and on my way home.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Made in Cali...shipped to Mass

we get some neat stuff on the wagons from time to time...

I thought for sure there would be some homeless wino catching a ride inside of the tree trunk...

or maybe PeeWee Herman watching a movie on his driod...

whew...dodged that bullet!!

Frame Stretching 101

Moving a 88"CT to a 116"CT
measure twice...mark once

double framed and then drilled... lengthen and spin balance the driveline...
bolt in cross members, hook up air and electrical...

fresh coat of paint...

and out the door