Friday, January 22, 2010


Marly Johsnon has worked with our Family since the early 70's. He started out driving for my Grandpa hauling grain and anything else that would fit in a hopper bottom. He drove my old 69 Kenworth(when Gramps owned it) when it was just a couple years old.

This is Marley next to the Kenworth in front of his Dads station in Klemme IA

The man has damn near done it all. He didnt always drive for us, but always stayed close to us. For awhile, he was an Owner Operator...and always had the coolest trucks. One of them, The "Midnite Rider" won first place at the Ontario Truck show in the mid 80's (he says hes going to send some pics) That truck was a sweet 359 Pete that he had leased on with Tiger. I remember when I was a kid playing in that truck...hoping that I would have one that cool someday.

Marly has always been a loyal friend. I consider him part of my family. He truly "rides for the brand" and that means alot me. He was always my "go to guy" when there was alot on the line.

He cant hear for shit...escpecially when you are proving to him that he cant hear for shit!

Marly moved to Florida, so its sunny sundays and palm trees for him. Good luck bro...we miss you up here!!